Tutoring For High School Students, By High School Students

SATutoring allows for high school students to form meaningful relationships and secure connections while prepping for the SAT.

The Four Types of Learners

Written by: Madison Stefaniak With the coronavirus still at large in the United States, many students continue to complete virtual learning. Learning in person and learning online are completely different environments, making it usually more difficult for students to obtain information, prepare for tests, and receive help from teachers. However, there is a way toContinue reading “The Four Types of Learners”

Best Free SAT Prep Resources

Written by: Madison Stefaniak Entry into junior year can seem very intimidating. The clock begins to tick as one year is left until students will apply for college applications. In a one year span, these students will have to prepare topics for college essays, create a college list, and one of the scariest parts ofContinue reading “Best Free SAT Prep Resources”

Reducing Test Anxiety

Written by: Madison Stefaniak The uncertainty of whether or not students will be able to take the SAT has only grown wider as many test center closings have been announced on the CollegeBoard website before the August exam. As the college application process begins for the Class of 2021, seniors wonder if they will beContinue reading “Reducing Test Anxiety”

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